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Sutton County, Texas

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The following is a list of books containing information on Sutton County.
If you would like to add a title to the list, please contact me.

"Bad Old Days" in and around Sutton County 1889-1939, Murder, Mischief, Misery & Mayhem, compiled by Sutton County Historical Society, Sonora, TX. Indexed. 

"Celebrating our Blessings". History of the First United Methodist Church, Sonora, Texas 1892-1992. With excerpts from women's society and board. Copy of membership roll (handwritten), marriages (handwritten), baptisms (handwitten) from church records. Ends with list of current (1992) members. 

"John Eaton's Tales of Wild Bill Taylor." Sutton County Historical Society, 2006. Compiled from notes of the late John Eaton, local historian, we spin a yarn about Bill Taylor and his part in the Coleman Train Robbery and his sooting of one of the participants to keep him from turning on them. This was written from interviews of people who were alive and there when all these incidents took place. 

"Johnny Ward Cowboy." Jo-Ann & Richard Palmer for Sutton Co. Historical Society 2005. Biography of Johnny Ward, Sutton Co. ranchman tells about his adventures in the Big Bend and how Ward Mountain was named after him. Also includes his work in the American Angora Goat Raisers Asso. and items on his family life in Sutton Co. 

"Sutton County 1889-1890." Sutton County Historical Society, 1990, 2007. Actual newspaper stories of the day telling about the founding of Sonora, Wentworth after water is found in this area and any mention we could find in papers about the first year of Sonora history. Contributions by The Devil's River News and The San Angelo Standard Times. 

"Sutton County Marriage Records 1889-1949." Sutton County Historical Society 1995. Listing of marriages in Sutton County. A guide for people working on family trees. 

"The True Story of Will Carver." Donna Ernst for the Sutton County Historical Society 2000, 2007. Life story of the outlaw William Richard Carver who rode with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and also Black Jack Ketchum. He ended his life in a shootout on Concho Ave. in Sonora, Tx and is buried in the Sutton County Burial Park. 

Baker Publishing Company (Fort Stockton, Tex.) Records, 1929 -1969
2,611 leaves Includes financial material, legal material and printed material pertaining to the Baker Publishing Company, land sales and leases, and oil and gas leases. Collection bulks (1929-1958) with financial material pertaining to the publishing company. Publishing company founded by Texas newspaper owner George Baker. Born in 1909, Baker owned several Texas newspapers including the Sonora, Texas, "Devil's River News" (1931-1934), and the Fort Stockton, Texas, "Pioneer" (1934-1970). Baker also served as representative to the Texas Legislature (1969-1973), and as director of the Pecos State Bank. His other Fort Stockton businesses included the Jay Chancellor Office Supply and Stockton Printing Company.

The Stephen Lacy Family of Goochland County, Virginia, by Hazel Potter Lawler, Privately Published, 1981

The Thomas Lacy III Family of Hanover and Buckingham Counties, Virginia, by Hubert Wesley Lacey, edited by Howell Edison Lacy, privately published, 1983

The William and Elliott Lacy Families of New Kent and Chesterfield Counties, Virginia, by Hubert Wesley Lacey and Howard Elton Lacey, privately published, 1996

The Yancey Family Genealogical Register, compiled by Dennis J. Yancey, privately published, 1994