The two different William Splawns who married two different Jane Waldrops

First, there was William and Jane who married 8 June 1840 in Rutherford Co., NC
I believe him to be the son of Moses and Nancy Splawn

North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
Bride: Jane Waldroup    Groom: William Splawn, Jr    Bond Date: 08 Jun 1840
County: Rutherford    Record #: 01 290
Bondsman: William Splawn   Witness: Samuel Wilkins    Bond #: 000136166

1850 Rutherford Co., NC pgs 241/242  Polk District
HH# 159
William Splawn (30)
Janie Splawn (25) NC
E.P. (3) m NC [Edmond Pinkney]
M.L. (1) m NC [Marion L.]
living next door is Mary Waldrop (53)[widow of Edward] b. NC and James (28) NC, there is also a Luke Waldrop (68) with a female Jane age 23, same page]

1860 Polk Co., NC census  Pg 277-278 COOPER GAP    DIV
Splawn, Wm. (40)
Jane (36)
Edmond P. (13)
Marion L. (12)
Nancy A. (9)
Martha J. (7)
James H.A. (3)

1870 Rutherford Co., NC census pg 42B all b. NC
Splawn, William (55)
Jane (45)
Merrion L. (21)
Martha (16)
James (14)
Laurns? (12) could be Caurns
Lincoln (10) could be Cinchen
Doctor (5)

1880 Rutherford Co., NC census Cool Spring ED 168
Splawn, William (55) NC NC NC (same all family members)
Jane (50)
James (22)
Mary (18) dil
Lewis (18)
[This must be the Laurns/Caurns entry from 1870]
Kinchen (16)
Doctor (13)
next door is
Splawn, Marion (24)
Sarah (16) wife
Charles (5)
Lettie (4)
Mattie (2)

1900 Rutherford Co., NC census

Collins Martha head w f J--? 1854 46 widow 8 children born / 6 children living
Claude son w m Aug 1881 18
Garland son w m Feb 1888 12
Thomas G son w m May 1890 10
Rufus A dau w f Oct 1892 7
Splawn Jane mother, w f March 1825 75 widow 8
children born / 7 children living NC SC SC
Huntley --mie ? son-in-law w m <blank> 1876 24 m 6 yrs
Ellen dau w f March 1877 23 m 6 yrs 1 child born / 1 child living
Edgar gr-son w m Nov 1896 3

I am not sure who this Jane Waldrop's parents were. She and William had 8 children, Edmond Pinkney, Marion L., Nancy A., Martha J., James Buel (or Ewel) Asbury, Lewis, Kinchen and Doctor. William died after 1880 and Jane died after 1900.

Second, there was William Splawn, son of Peggy Splawn  who married Jane Waldrop, daughter of Edward Waldrop and his unknown first wife. In Edward's will dated 1846 names his daughter Jane Waldrop so I'm assuming that since she was unmarried in 1846, she is the Jane who married William Splawn on 31 Dec 1850 in Rutherford Co., NC, bondsman Ransom Ponder (William's son-in-law), marriage performed by Thomas Butler Justice. I believe that their first son, William Butler was named for this minister. Thomas Justice sells land to William Capshaw in 1797. There is also a survey of land for James Capshaw and Luke Waldrop near each other in 1802. I believe that these Capshaw men may provide a link to William's first wife, who was Polly Capshaw according to her daughter Margaret Splawn Ponder's death certificate and Sarah Lathy Davis' death certificate. Another source, a book "The Waldrops in America" states that William was married to Sarah Waldrop who died before 1849. Since Edward Waldrop named a daughter Sarah Splawn in his 1846 will, the author probably assumed that Sarah was married to William, when in fact Sarah was married to Calvin Splawn and lived long past the 1849 death date assumed by the author of the Waldrop book.

William and Polly had four daughters and a son according to Jennie Splawn in her book "The Genealogy of the Splawn and Collins Family." William named seven daughters in his will (the second marriage produced all sons). I found several  females living with William in the 1850 census, before he and Jane were married. They were Abecca (21)  who either wasn't a daughter or died without issue before William wrote his will, Margarett (16) [m. Ransom Ponder, b. 16 Mar 1831 d. 12 Oct 1914], Lathy (12) b. 1844 d, 1914 m. Harvey C. Davis, Mary(10)  b. Nov. 1840 m. Elijah Taylor, Lathy(8) [Lethia  b. 1842 m.Samuel Reed], Martha (6) b. 1844 m. William Reed, Infant (female) (2) [Ellen or Ella b. 1848], and the one son A.G. (male) (13) [Alexander 'Gray' Graham -- b.18 oct 1834 d. 14 Apr 1907].

In 1860, the Polk County , NC census
Columbus Div. Page: 207 shows:
hh# 101 Calvin Splawn (35)
Sarah (40)
Lovy (25) female
hh#102 William Splawn Jr (53)
Jane (35)
Narcissa Stone (25)
Litha A. Splawn (20)
Latha (18)
Martha (14)
Eller (12)
William B. (8)
John T. (5)
Walter S. (1)

1870 Polk Co., NC census pg  274
hh# 142 Splawn, William (64) farmer 2500/1180 All b. NC
Jane (46) keeping house
Narcissus (35) At home
Ella (20) At home
Butler (17) At school
John (15) At School
Walter S. (11)
George W. (9)

1880     Census Place:    White Oak, Polk, North Carolina
    Source:    FHL Film 1254978  National Archives Film T9-0978     Page 484C    
    Relation    Sex    Marr    Race    Age    Birthplace
Wm. SPLAUN    Self    M    M    W    74    NC
    Occ:    Farming    Fa: NC    Mo: SC
Jane SPLAUN    Wife    F    M    W    56    NC
    Occ:    Keeping House    Fa: NC    Mo: NC
Nanis STONE    Dau    F    M    W    50    NC
    Occ:    At Home    Fa: NC    Mo: NC
John SPLAUN    Son    M        W    25    NC
    Occ:    Farming    Fa: NC    Mo: NC
Walter S. SPLAUN    Son    M        W    21    NC
    Occ:    Going To School    Fa: NC    Mo: NC
George W. SPLAUN    Son    M        W    19    NC
    Occ:    Going To School    Fa: NC    Mo: NC
Plato D. SPLAUN    Son    M    S    W    8    NC
            Fa: NC    Mo: NC

William died 10 July 1884 and Jane died 24 Jul 1885. They both left a will, and are buried in the Splawn Family Cemetery in Polk Co., NC.