Peggy Splawn

Fairfield Co. Court June 1791
State vs. Shared Goyen, Margaret Splawn, Robert Smith, and James Marshall
On the parties producing the body of Margaret Splawn in court the court ordered that their recognizances be remitted and the execution thereon returned unto the office and that Margaret Splawn be fined five pounds proclamation money.

1810 SPLAUN        Peggy           Rutherford Co., NC pg 133   10000-11111-00-1/100/50  Peggy is over 45.

Peggy gets a land grant dated February 1814 on Nancy Wilsons Creek on west side of creek. Isaac Gilbert and PV (?) Alexander witness.
1820  SLPAWN        Peggy           Rutherford Co., NC pg  365    no entries (none for Anna Ridine? next door, either)
Indexed as Slpawn, it's clearly Splawn on the film

William Splawn gets 125 acres  in 1829, filed in 1831. Witnessed by Calvin Splawn. [The Calvin on the 1850 census would only be abt 14 in 1831, if his age is right] Adjoining Peggy Splawn, William Twitty, and Aspusia Earl [pg 522 1830 census]

1830  SPLAWN        William        
Rutherford Co., NC pg 540  2nd Regiment  00101-200010001
1 male 10-15, 1 male 20-30; 2 females under 5, 1 female 20-30, 1 female 60-70 <<<Peggy
 on same page, Sarah and Thos Robbins, next door is Henry Green and Augustus Bailey

Peggy's son William is one of the two William Splawns who married one of the two Jane Waldrops in Rutherford Co., NC.

Peggy was most likely alive in 1829 and 1831 when William's land records were filed. But by 1840 she is no longer found with William's family or in her own household.