Virginia Dare
formerly known as C's Bling Bling
born October 23, 2003 in West Virginia.
I changed her name to Virginia because she was so elegant, Bling Bling just didn't fit,
and to honor my Mom's best friend, Virginia Dare.
Adopted on January 15, 2006 from the track.
Most New Orleans evacuees bought SUV's with their FEMA money, we adopted a greyhound :)

She raced at Mobile Greyhound Park but didn't do very well. Her entire litter was retired at the same time.
I had no idea when I adopted her that her great-great grandmother was my first greyhound, Andrew's mother. That will give you cold chills! It's as if he sent her to me!

Virginia loved her life in the French Quarter of New Orleans,was well known by tourists and locals alike. Pictured in New Orleans Magazine, and claimed all the Johnny White's bars as her own.
She passed away at home at the age of 13 1/2 in 2017.
We miss her every day.

Rick and Virginia

At Johnny White's Sports Bar on Bourbon Street
One of her calendar photos

Couch Potato

In a hotel in Vicksburg, Mississippi
(on her own bed, of course!)