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Updated 4/01/2000

Boyds Bears

My Collection - Plush (close to 100 not countin' wuzzies)

Abercrombie B. Beanster (Thanks Anda!)

Adams F. Bearington (Thanks Pennie!)

Adrienne Berrifrost ...Love (Thanks Gail!)

Aimee Berrifrost...Hope

Alyssa Berrifrost ... Joy

Andrew - Dillard's exclusive

Annie and Jennifer Hopkins - QVC exclusives

Anya Frostfire

Ariella Angelfrost (Thanks Diane!)


Aubrey - GCC exclusive

Augusta - (Thanks, Becca)

Auntie Alice - (Thanks, Becca)

Auntie Lavonne Higgenthorpe

Bagley Flatberg (Thanks, Linda!)

Bailey - Fall 94

Bailey - Spring 95

Bailey - Fall 95

Bailey - Spring 96

Bailey - Fall 96

Bailey - Spring 97

Bailey - Fall 97

Bailey - Spring 98

Bailey - Fall 98

Bailey - Spring 99 (Thanks Diane!)

Bailey - Fall 99

Bailey - Spring 2000

Bandit Bushytail

Bibi Buzzby

Boris Berriman


Brigham Boneah


Bud Buzzby


Burlington P. Beanster

Buttercup P. Snicklefritz

Caitlin Berriweather

Caleigh Cat, Dillard's exclusive

Cambridge Q. Bearrister

Carmella de Bearvoire

Casimir B. Bean - GCC exclusive

Catherine Berriweather

Clancy G. Hydrant

Dickie The Lionheart

D.L. Merrill

Doolittle Buckshot

Edmund Spring 96

Edmund Spring 97

Edmund Fall 98

Edmund Spring 99

Edmund Fall 99

Edmund Spring 2000

Eleanor - 1998 FOB membership kit exclusive

Emily - Fall 98

Felicity F. Elfberg

George & Gracie - May Co. exclusives

Giselle de la Fleur (Thanks Karen!)

Goober Padoodle (Thanks Pennie!)

Gus Ghoulie (Thanks Diane!)

Harvey P. Hoppleby- Baby Boyds - a white bunny (not quite 6' tall)!

Honey P. Snicklefritz

Indy Fall 98

Iris and Petunia Hoppsack - QVC hares

Kaitlin McSwine II (Thanks, Becca!)


Laurel S. Berrijam (Thanks Karen!)


Mabel Whitmoose

Madeline Willoughby (Thanks SBP!)

Matthew Bear (Event bear 1999)

Matthew Fall 96

Matthew Fall 98

Martha T. Bunnycombe


Mindy Witebruin - GCC exclusive (Thanks again, Becca!)


Mr. Smythe

Mr. Trumbull

Mrs. Trumbull


Pair O'Highland Plaid Bear

Perriwinkle P. Snicklefritz


Raylee - Dillard's exclusive

Sadie - Kirlin's exclusive


Simone de Bearvoire


Smith Witter II (My traveling buddy)


Stevenson Q. Bearitage - (Thanks Becca!)

Tallulah Baahead - with the frown


T.F. Wuzzies - Tami, Tilly, Tanner, Tylar, T. Farley, Tootie, Tinker (Thanks, Gail), Toby and Tucker (Thanks, Linda) Timothy and Twas (Thanks, Karen!) Tatum (Thanks, Marlene)



Twentieth Anniversary Plush Bear Set - QVC exclusive #12251 of 25008 Justina, Matt, B Anne, Zuzu and a wagon

Ursa (my personal fave!)

Weaver Berrybrook

Yardley Fitzhampton



Bailey's Berry Basket (Thanks Anda!)

HMS Boyds boat

Vanessa's Fainting Couch

I have lots of non-Boyds accessories!


My Collection - Resin and Pins -

Angelica ... In Flight Plaque - GCC Exclusive

Bailey & Becky...The Diary 1E RS and original version

Bailey the Cheerleader 1E

Catherine and Caitlin Berriweather...Fine cup of Tea

Catherine and Caitlin Berriweather With Little Scruff... Family Traditions

Chelsea Kainada ...The Practice 1E **Says she's Margo the Ballerina

Christian by the Sea 23E

Daphne.....The Reader Hare (Thanks Anda!)

Fergus 'Bogey' MacDivot 1E

Gwain ...Love is the master key (Thanks, Becca!)

Homer on the plate - Canadian 3E (Thanks Sparxx!)

Knute ... Half Time 1E

Le Bearmoge - Bailey with suitcase 1E

Louella & Hedda...the secret 9E Original version

Mrs. Noah 1E

Neville ... Compubear 1E

Olivia - Wishing You Peace 1E


Pin: Ariel ... love conquers all

Pin: Bailey in spring bonnet

Pin: Bailey ... tea time

Pin: Bailey and Emma, sisters

Pin: Born to Shop

Pin: Caitlin Berriweather

Pin: Edmund and Bailey ... caroling

Pin: Electronick

Pin: Elliot the fireman

Pin: Grenville, the flake

Pin: Iris ... purple passion

Pin: Kringle and Northrup the pup

Pin: Milo...up, up and away!

Pin: Mrs. Tuttle

Pin: Rose..........Garden Classics (Thanks! Becca)

Pin: Sandy Claus (Thanks Becca!)

Pin: Tina F. Wuzzie

Pin: Tinker F. Wuzzie

Pin: Tucker F. Wuzzie

Pin: Victoria...Queen Bee

Pin: Wilson the Wizard - Boo!


My Collection - Pottery

Mug: Bailey the Baker ... Sweetie Pie (Thanks, Becca!)

Toby Mug: Mrs. Bruin 3E


These bears, hares and other Boyds are my personal collection.

They are not for sale.