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McCulloch County, Texas.

McCulloch County, Texas Military History

Civil War:
McCulloch County was not organized in time to have a representative at the secession convention of 1861, and its involvement in the Civil War was limited. Indians, not Yankees, presented the more immediate threat to people who had settled there by the 1860s. Confederate volunteers from McCulloch and other frontier counties were stationed at outposts such as Camp San Saba to protect settlers from Indians after federal troops withdrew from the area in 1861.
See the McCulloch County archives for Confederate Veteran pensions. These are for pensions applied for in Texas, no matter where the veteran served.

World War II
Brady was declared a National Defense Area, and a new airport facility, known as Curtis Field, was built  in 1941. McCulloch County had one other military facility during World War II. Construction of a prisoner-of-war internment camp was begun two miles east of Brady in June 1943; the first prisoners began arriving in October of that year. The camp, which covered 360 acres and included about 200 buildings, had a capacity of 3,000. The prison population was made up of "troublemakers" transferred from other camps in the United States; among them were members of Rommel's Afrika Corps, as well as members of the S.S. and the Gestapo. The camp was deactivated in May 1945. In 1946 the state of Texas made arrangements to lease the facility for use as a training school for delinquent black girls.

World War II Casualties
Army and Air Force
Name   Service#  Rank  S
tatus (killed in action/died of wounds/died of injuries/died non-battle/finding of death/missing)

Yearbook of the 44-A Class, Curtis Field, Brady, Texas
The following individuals are individually pictured in Flight 44-A, yearbook of the 44-A class of flight cadets at Curtis Field, Brady, Texas. They are listed in order of family name, given names, and hometown for cadets. No hometown is given for flight instructors. For additional information from the yearbook you are welcome to contact: don.brownlee(at)csun.
Yearbook of the 44-A Class, Curtis Field, Brady, Texas

The following individuals are individually pictured in Flight 44-A, yearbook of the 44-A class of flight cadets at Curtis Field, Brady, Texas. They are listed in order of family name, given names, and hometown for cadets. No hometown is given for flight instructors. For additional information from the yearbook you are welcome to contact: don.brownlee(at)
Addy, W. W.
Anderson, S. V.
Barrett, J. W.
Bielawski, Frank J., Hamtramck MI
Bostrom, Carl O., Marquette MI
Brown, Chandler M., Bartlett TX
Browning, Lois
Bulson, Raymond H., Solvay NY
Burdick, Clifford A., Litchfield MN
Burgess, Boyd R., Saginaw MI
Byrne, Floyd V., Moorland IA
Capt, Albert B., Uvalde TX
Carter, Max W., Charles City IA
Chaffee, A. H.
Clary, Fay V.
Clay, Robert S., Swarthmore PA
Click, W. B.
Cole, Walter L., Syracuse NY
Cook, Everett M., Stone Ridge NY
Crowson, A. M.
Cunneff, Raymond L., Atlantic City NJ
Daberkow, Jack E., West Allis WI
Delevan, L. H.
Deregibus, F.
Dillon, James E.
Duncan, D. C.
Duncan, D. J.
Edwards, D. K.
Egan, Costney R., Minneapolis MN
Eppley, David R., Mechanicsburg PA
Erickson, Richard E., Superior WI
Eskelson, Lowell C., Nevis MN
Eskridge, John T., Florence CO
Evans, Edward B., New Bedford MA
Evans, Wesley M.
Ferron, Donald J., Painesville OH
Frazier, Leonard R., Des Moines IA
Frutiger, Vincent L., Cedar KS
Furthmyer, Lloyd G., Hamilton KS
Garcia, A. R.
Gobler, John K., Bakersfield CA
Grange, Jesse L., Des Moines IA
Greenberg, Walter S., Denver CO
Hall, G. E.
Hamilton, C. L.
Hansbury, Thomas A.
Harter, Ben H., Modesto CA
Hastings, A. E.
Henley, J. H.
Hill, S. R.
Holland, Walter D. Jr, Royal Oak MI
Holley, Dave W., Cedar Rapids IA
Holman, H.
Howe, V. D.
Hunsicker, Paul A.
Jackson, James L.
Jeter, Wilson
Johnson, F. M.
Johnson, Maynard A., Oklee MN
Johnson, Ralph E., Osceola NE
Jones, Bernard R., Grand Rapids MN
Jones, Edgar M., Ravenna OH
Jones, Kennard K., Springfield MO
Josephson, Frank A., Minneota MN
Kalahar, Kenneth E., Mason City IA
Kaminski, Joseph R., New Hampton NY
Kearney, Clarence H., Kansas City MO
Kee, David B., Daytona Beach FL
Keen, William H.
Keller, A. N.
Keller, Ernest F., Kansas City MO
Kennedy, Robert C., Detroit MI
Kent, Wallace J., Coleridge NE
Kersey, C. C.
King, Ralph V., Kansas City MO
Kirks, Lucian W., Kansas City MO
Kiser, Donald E., Elkhart IN
Kluender, Carl A., Toledo OH
Knowlton, Will P., Decorah IA
Koenig, Henry J., Bowman ND
Koonce, G. R.
Kopf, Ferdinand W., Eddyville NE
Kopp, Earl A., Dayton IA
Kreiensieck, Henry J. Jr, Hanover KS
Krumrey, Lloyd W., Elbow Lake MN
Krynovich, George, Buhl MN
Kuecker, Donald G., West Bend IA
Kuhne, C. L.
Kurtis, Edward A., Erie PA
Kusluch, Ralph A., Etna PA
Kuykendall, T. G.
Lane, Carl R., Halfway MO
Lane, J. D.
Larson, Elton L., Concordia KS
Laster, Tom G., Des Moines IA
Lattanzi, Julius R., New York NY
Lee, Ario P., Minneapolis MN
Lehnertz, Louis F., Gary SD
Lempereur, G. N.
Lentsch, Urban J., Ramona SD
Leonard, Thomas H., Minneapolis MN
Lerch, Adolph F., New Kensington PA
LeVan, Jack A., Indianapolis IN
Levering, Virgil L., Burlington KS
Lewis, Kenneth K., Denver CO
Lindhorn, H. V.
Lindhorn, P. H.
Lion, Charles E. R., Saint Marys PA
Liptak, Joe, Cleveland OH
Lithander, Lee B., Galesburg IL
Littlejohn, Robert A., Nevada MO
Lohoefener, Oberlin KS
Long, Benjamin W., Avery OK
Long, Donald D., Sac City IA
Looney, J. R.
Lovett, Raymond E.
Luchsinger, Clarence W. Jr., Kansas City MO
Ludwick, Robert J., Ellincottville NY
Luke, Rolland E., Pueblo CO
Lumley, David R., Des Moines IA
Lundy, Donald L., Estherville IA
Luzier, Richard N., Kansas City MO
Lynn, L. R.
Mabe, L. B. Jr., Princeton MO
MacKay, Lincoln C., Provo UT
Maiden, Elmo E., San Diego CA
Malek, Richard V., Osceola NE
Mancini, Lawrence E., Brighton CO
Manning, Lyle G., St. Mary's PA
Marcy, Fred D., Kansas City MO
Martin, E. O.
Martin, John M.
Mason, Daryl R., Council Bluffs IA
May, Harry C. Jr., Codell KS
Mayes, Cora Belle
McCauley, John E., Norfolk VA
McCollum, S. A.
McConnell, H. W.
McConnell, Hershel T., Fort Smith AR
McCord, Alpheus A., Bryan OH
McCormick, Joe H., Joplin MO
McEwin, James W., Paris TX
McNees, O. E.
Meador, Raymond L., Dallas TX
Mealey, Michael C., St. Paul MN
Mease, Harry V., Omaha NE
Meeds, Leo N., Baxter Springs KS
Meintsma, Seward M., Maple Lake MN
Menier, Bernard L., St. Paul MN
Merrill, Virgil E., Pipestone MN
Metz, Leonard C., Kansas City MO
Mick, Arnold M., Tipton KS
Mickalson, E. P.
Millard, Jack S.
Miller, Conrad E., Salina KS
Miller, D. M.
Miller, D. S.
Miller, E. C.
Miller, F. U.
Miller, H. L.
Miller, Marlane W., Kingston IA
Monacella, Joseph L. Jr., Erie PA
Moore, Robert P., Fort Dodge IA
Mossuto, Dominic A., Spokane WA
Mueller, Frederick E., Grand Rapids MI
Myers, Dean E., Adaza IA
Neidy, Dewey L., Bakersfield CA
Nelson, Francis B., Abilene KS
Nelson, R. H.
Ness, Arney M., Minneapolis MN
Neujahr, K. W.
Nichepor, Paul, Kansas City KS
Norring, Robert H., Minneapolis MN
Norris, Carroll C., Roscoe TX
Norris, Richard W., Cincinnati OH
Nunes, Norman, Harwic
Oberembt, James M., Midland SD
O'Brien, John A., Pueblo CO
O'Brien, Samuel D., San Jose CA
Odom, D. P.
Olsen, Lloyd A., Norman NE
Olson, Morris G., Holdrege NE
Olson, O. E.
Olson, Ronald C., Dolliver IA
O'Neal, A. A.
Ortega, Marcelino Jr., Paterson NJ
Overocker, Willard J., Wesleyville PA
Owens, Orville W., Newton IA
Palermo, Joseph M., St. Louis MO
Palmer, William P., North East PA
Parken, Dwight W., Dwight KS
Parker, Charles W., Tenaha TX
Patton, M. H.
Paul, Donald T., Cedar Falls IA
Person, George W., Wapella IA
Peterson, Donald J., St. Paul MN
Peterson, Dwight W., Fargo ND
Peterson, Leslie A., St. Paul MN
Peterson, Robert T.
Petty, O. L.
Phillips, Robert W., Fairfield IA
Phinney, Rex V., Omaha NE
Pickavance, William W., Sherman TX
Pierce, Carlton E., Harborcreek PA
Pipkin, Gus Jr., Kansas City MO
Polhemus, Eugene, Holdrege NE
Poore, Lawrence F., Garland TX
Powell, E. J.
Pyles, Wayne M., Fort Smith AR
Rainwater, A. L.
Ransom, Robert L., Moulton IA
Rasmussen, G. H.
Rasmussen, Robert J., Sioux City IA
Ray, Lyman F., Kingman KS
Ream, R. E.
Reed, Byron J., Peterson IA
Reed, David G., White Plains NY
Reiff, William L., Dayton OH
Rencehausen, Howard S., Kamiah ID
Revis, Louis M., Dallas TX
Rhoades, Robert, Kansas City MO
Rickert, Robert T., Stillwater MN
Ricks, C. W.
Rider, G. P.
Riley, Byron L., St. Paul MN
Ringland, Josiah A. Jr., Sioux City IA
Roberts, W. E.
Roberts, Wayne J., Berthold ND
Rodgers, Elvin D., Shenandoah IA
Rodman, Lester, New York NY
Rogers, John J. Jr., Newell IA
Rohlas, Joseph A., Denver CO
Roles, Elgar N., Towner ND
Ross, Jessie P., Mineral Wells TX
Roswurm, Robert U., Topeka KS
Rotegard, Glenn M., Minneapolis MN
Rounds, Finis L., Van Horn TX
Rudd, Robert J., Pulaski IA
Ruddy, John R., Denver CO
Rueschenberg, Werner J., Westphalia IA
Rung, Bernard E., West Point IA
Salisbury, Henry W., Brooklyn NY
Sather, Kenneth L., Round Lake MN
Scaggs, Royce G., McAlester OK
Schleif, Richard A., New York NY
Schmid, Harvey T., Denver CO
Schmid, Howard S., Verona WI
Schmitz, Howard W., Annahdale MN
Schonberger, Claude M., Casselton ND
Schulman, David L., Chicago IL
Schulz, Ray J., Marion TX
Schwartz, Sol
Seab, Malcolm W., Vidalia LA
Seaberg, G. W.
Shapansky, Fred A., Cook MN
Shapero, Wallace H., Minneapolis MN
Sharp, Arthur D., Nappanee IN
Shoemaker, Leo C., Pomona KS
Shoemaker, Robert A., Colby KS
Shuffield, Lexia
Sigler, Alvin L., Kansas City MO
Sikes, Samuel H., Savannah GA
Simon, Sidney J., Kingston NY
Simons, William V., Elk Point SD
Simpson, Clyde D., Columbus NE
Sinclair, Frank R.
Sipes, William R., Walworth WI
Sitterley, Kemble U., Kansas City KS
Skewis, H. C.
Slama, Raymond L., Potter NE
Slattery, John J., Chicago IL
Slusarz, Bernard J., Chicago IL
Smiley, Herbert A., Arlington KS
Smith, D. O.
Smith, Glenn R., Albin WY
Smith, James B., Lewis IA
Smith, Royal R., Freeport IL
Smith, Tony J. Jr., Flat River MO
Smullins, Glenn R., Burr Oak KS
Solberg, Howard B., Minneapolis MN
Spence, Charles M., Scottsbluff NE
Spiess, William F., Minneapolis MN
Spruiell, E. L.
Stansberry, Milton A., Osborne KS
Stephens, Andrew J., LaGrange MO
Stephens, Ogden R., Kansas City MO
Stephens, William H.
Stevens, Jerry W., Madison MN
Stewart, George C. Jr., Minneapolis MN
Stickley, Harry E., Norwood OH
Stiles, Orval Jr., Council Bluffs IA
Stine, Glenn P. Jr., Omaha NE
Stoller, Ray L., Oakville IA
Stoller, Roy H., Oakville IA
Stotko, John P., Seattle WA
Strayer, Paul D., Colby KS
Stroud, Robert E. B., Kearney, NE
Stubbart, Donald P., Oshoto WY
Sullivan, Dewey I., Monteviedo MN
Swanson, Richard D., Erie PA
Swanson, Robert A., Minneapolis MN
Sweeney, Paul J., Clinton IA
Symington, Garnet E., Neche ND
Tabor, Glenn B., Topeka KS
Talling, Harold C., Erie PA
Tatman, Wilson M., Platte City MO
Taylor, Gerner W. Jr., Des Moines IA
Tennigkeit, Max O., Des Moines IA
Terry, Robert P., Kansas City MO
Theobald, Dale A., Geneva NE
Thera, Frank J., St. Paul MN
Thomas, Richard J., Attica KS
Thompkins, W. R.
Thompson, Clifford O., Chicago IL
Thompson, Harold E., Wayne NE
Thompson, P.
Thompson, T. O.
Thorne, Richard E., Des Moines IA
Threadgill, J. P.
Thweatt, H.
Tildesley, Delbert W.
Tomlinson, Richard A., Tama IA
Towne, Max, Maywood NE
Trenary, Russell E., Princeton IL
Trimbath, Clyde W., Lincoln NE
Trittin, Harold A., Wausaw WI
Truman, Robert E., Munnsville NY
Tucker, Ashley R., Westboro MO
Tyler, Raymond E., Huntington Park CA
Tyner, Melvin J., Randolph IA
Unruh, Wayne R., Peabody KS
Untersee, P. F.
Usiatynski, John J., East Syracuse NY
Van Arsdell, Bruce Lee, Morrison OK
Van Dyke, Wendall J., Fort Collins CO
Van Hoose, Warren B., Denver CO
Varie, Charles F., Rapid City SD
Veatch, Clarence P., Hutchinson KS
Veillon, Louis F., Eunice LA
Veix, George L., Ottawa KS
Vinther, L. W.
Vosper, Frederick K., Neche ND
Vroman, Robert F., Austin MN
Waldrof, Horace C., Vinton IA
Wallace, Thomas R., Orient IA
Waters, M. L.
Wilson, G. S.
Wolff, R. S.
Wyss, John A.


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