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The following inforamtion about early McCulloch County newspapers was submitted by Johnny or Louise Bates.  Special thanks to Louise for compiling this information and sharing it with us.

The first newspaper - Brady Sentinel, established October 12, 1880, with D. F. Hayes as the proprietor.

Later, the Heart o’ Texas News absorbed the Sentinel.  It was owned and edited by R. B. Boyle.

The Brady Enterprise was published  from 1897 to 1910.

Apparently, it was frequently called the McCulloch County Enterprise.

The McCulloch County Star was published from 1906 to 1910.

The Brady Standard was started in March, 1909;

The following year it absorbed both the Enterprise and the Star.   It's editor was H. F. Schwenker.

For a brief time the Frontier Times, later published at Bandera, Texas, was published at Melvin by its editor, J. M. Hunter.

Melvin’s first newspaper was the Melvin Rustler, published first on March 12, 1915.

About 1917 J. M. Hunter founded the Melvin Enterprise, which ran for many years.

Some court records in Milburn indicate that around 1900 Milburn Messenger  ran with T. F. Harwell as the editor.

The Rochelle Record, started by W. D. Cowan in 1909 and continued under three other owners.

W. D. Currie established the Mercury Mascot, selling soon to Rains and Sansom who published the paper from 1904 to 1907 before selling to Harvey Walker.

In turn he published the Mascot until he became county judge in 1908, when he ceased to edit the paper.  There are also references to the  Mercury News

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