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The W.R. Lytle Family

	Back Row: Left to right
R.L. "Bob" Lytle Hall
Lula Lytle Hunter
Elmer Ford (son-in-law
Lona Lytle Ford (wife of Elmer)
Lila Lytle Beaty (twin to Lena Lytle)

Front Row: Left to right

Corbett Lytle
W.R. Lytle (father)
Nancy Elizabeth Smith Lytle (mother)
William Ray Ford (grandson on Nancy's lap--born 1903)
Delpha Stoker Lytle (mother of W.R. Lytle)
Albert Lytle

Lytle Family.

Family History
William Lytle (or Little as was recorded in the census) lived in Missouri. Because of the error discovered in the spelling of the Lytle as Little in the records the county in Missouri could not be verified. William R. Lytle, Sr. was born in 1820. It is believed that he married his first wife in the mid 1840's--her name is not known. She and William Lytle had two children: Jesse J. Lytle born 18 Feb 1846 in Missouri and died 16 Mar 1932. He is buried at Veal Station Cemetery, north of Weatherford, Texas (no headstone). Their second child was Fannie Elizabeth Lytle born 28 Nov 1848 in  Missouri and died 17 Dec 1944. She is also buried at Veal Station Cemetery (nice headstone) with her husband, William Auvenchine. First wife died between 1848 and 1854.
It is not known when William Lytle (or Little) moved to Carrol County in Tennessee where he met his second wife, Delphia Stoker. They married 28 Sep, 1854. Delphia Stoker was born 9 Jan 1826 and died 17 May 1904 of the mumps. She was the 11th child of Robert and Polly Stoker. William and Delphia Lytle had only one child, William Robert Lytle born 14 Jul 1855. It is told that William R. Lytle, Sr... died at sea while in route to the USA from Ireland. It was believed that he had been to visit his family. He died on the return trip and had to be buried at sea. However, the date is not known. Delphia Lytle lived most of her life with her son.
Family of William Robert Lytle

William Robert Lytle was born 14 Jul 1855 and died 22 Nov 1936. He is buried at Munday, Texas. He married Nancy Elizaberh Smith on 12 Aug 1875 in Carroll County, Tennessee. Nancy was born 24 Dec 1853 abd died 14 Apr 1934 in Munday, Texas. She was the daughter of Hugh and
Louisa Smith.
Children born to William R. and Nancy Lytle were:
Lulu b. 31 May 1876 in Tennessee
Luther born 1 Apr 1878 in Tennessee
Lona 24 May 1880 in Tennessee
Infant son born and died 16 Feb 1885 in Tennessee
Lila and Lena (twins) born 17 Feb 1886 in Tennessee. Lena died 10 Mar 1886 in Tennessee.
Bobbie (Bob) born 25 Apr 1888 in Tennessee
Albert born 22 Jul 1891 in Tennessee
Corbet born 18 Dec 1894 at Veal Station near Weatherford, Texas

William and Nancy came to Parker County in Texas in 1893 from Tennessee with a wagon train along with William and Fannie Auvenchine. Fannie was William's half sister. A family named Rogers also moved with them. They all settled at Veal Station where Jess J. Lytle already had lived since 1880. Jesse and William were half brothers. The Aubenchines stayed there, but william and Nancy and the Rogers family moved on. The Rogers were somehow kin. William Robert Lytle moved to Munday, Texas in 1903 along with all his children, his mother Delphia, a son-in-law Elmer Ford, a grandson Ray Ford, and a daughter-in-law, Annie (Luther's wife) Lytle. Luther and Annie didn't like Munday so they moved back to Peaster, Texas in Parker County.

They made Munday, Texas their home in 1903, one year after the town of east and west consolidated to become the present city. They first lived north of the town near the old Weaver home and after a few years moved to town to run a boaarding house, which was located one block east and across the street from the oldest high school building. They moved back to the farm near the Hefner Community about 1916 or 1917, where he bought 100 acres one mile west of Hefner school. By this time all of their children had married except Corbet. William R. and Nancy Lytle lived here until their deaths. Both are buried at Munday Texas along with Delphia Lytle.As shared by Jan Beaty.

The grave of Delphia Lytle at Johnson Cemetery, Munday, Texas

Funeral notice of William R. Lytle.

Obit of G.H. Beaty.

Military papers of Corbet Lytle.

Corbet's notes on his movement in WWI.

Formation during WWI.

Corbet Lytle.

Corbet Lytle.

Corbet and a buddy during WWI.





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